Collider stepped up to debunk a mostly erroneous report from First Showing about Todd Phillips’ mysterious Project X, a very low budget movie he was casting with all unknowns. Nobody knew what the movie was about, so of course the internet jumped to really ridiculous conclusions like it was a Cloverfield-type movie. From the director of Old School and The Hangover. I bet. Good deductive reasoning, guys. Let’s go get that hound of the Baskervilles now.

Anyway, First Showing reported it would be in 3D and would be a POV movie with a camera-operator character speaking in voice over the whole time. Getting on the phone with Collider, Phillips strenuously denied both of these things. As for First Showing’s assertion that Project X is a ‘party movie?’ Well, they’re almost right. Quoth Collider:

He also told me calling Project X a “party movie” is like calling The Hangover a “bachelor party film.”  He said rather what they are hoping with the film is “a new and interesting approach” to storytelling with this genre of film.

I think that the First Showing stuff was all bullshit – the idea that this was a ‘party movie’ was pretty obvious to anyone looking at the casting notices, which was looking for unknown 18 year olds who were asked to tape themselves talking about their most embarrassing moments or showing how they dance or pick up girls at clubs.

Phillips hopes to shoot this low budget feature this summer, and he promises it’s not a prank – people sending in their tapes won’t find that footage used to humiliate them, Borat style, in the movie.