there really big Men in Black fans out there? People who have
been very patiently waiting on a third installment of the Will
Smith/Tommy Lee Jones series for the last decade? I don’t know, but I
sort of doubt it, so who the heck is being served by a Men in
Black 3

Sony of course. As
Showbiz 411 points out
in their
article where they reveal the third film will be in 3D (of course), Sony
has lost its 2011 summer tentpole now that Spider-Man 4 shit the bed. And so they’ve turned
to this film to plug the hole, and with Smith, Jones and director Barry
Sonnenfeld all willing to take a paycheck to go through the motions one
more time, the execs at Sony will be quite pleased.

it’ll probably make some money. Smith still has clout. While the series
is old and nobody gives a shit about it, I don’t think people hate it
either. But can it stand out? 2011 is looking like everything 2010’s
summer won’t be – packed full of excess. Pirates 4, Thor, Hangover 2,
maybe even Mission: Impossible 4. Will Smith remains a draw, but
that’s tough competition.

As for the plot: who cares! They don’t
even have a script yet, but since when has this stopped this franchise
(here’s a hint: it never has!). I’m sure we’ll get some loud, stupid,
popping into your face mess of overly CGed crap next summer and all of
you will go see it. It’s just the way of the world.