Can’t get enough Star Trek? We do live in a Trek Nation, after all. A trailer for the upcoming documentary has just hit the net, check it out below.

Full disclosure- I’m very close friends with one of the editors of this film, someone who’s worked for years to get this together. I’m not the biggest Trek fan in the world and there’s certainly no shortage of films on the subject, but I really dig how they’re trying to show the power of this 40-year-old tv show by relating what was going on in the world around it. It’s something that made the horror doc The American Nightmare as successful as it is, as it’s always fascinating to see how film and culture reflects what’s going on in society, and vice versa.

Trek Nation also shows Gene Roddenberry’s son Eugene (“Rod”) as he explores the influence of his father’s work. Due to his involvement they were able to get their hands on never-before-seen pictures and video footage from Roddenberry’s personal collection. As you can see they also talked extensively with castmembers from all of the shows and a whole heap of famous filmmakers.

The film is currently seeking distribution- check their official site for more.