Its such a fine line between stupid and clever. I’m not sure which side
this video rests on, but I suspect it’s kind of clever.

guy in this video had previously gained some YouTube fame by attempting
to drink a gallon of milk, and vomiting on camera. Now he’s returned
with an attempt to… drink bleach. Which, as we all know, will kill
you. Watch the video – which is gross and includes blood and vomiting –
and then we’ll talk about what probably happened.

I think this is a stunt worthy of Jackass.
The dude’s obviously not drinking bleach, but he’s also not drinking a
red substance. So this crazy snaggle-toothed weirdo filled his stomach
with a red liquid in advance and then somehow managed to vomit on cue,
making it look like his internals were liquifying. It’s actually a great
effect and would be incredible if used in a movie. Here’s to you,
YouTube guy making his fame by puking.