I was on the Horror Film jury at this year’s Fantastic Fest, and as soon as I saw Tom Six’s Human Centipede, I knew that film had to win. It’s just so daring, so sick and so surprisingly not graphic that it felt like a major, serious achievement. And if Fantastic Fest wasn’t going to recognize this movie, who would?

Turns out everybody. IFC bought the film and Human Centipede has become a sort of a cult movie before it has even been released. The premise – people are sewn together, ass to mouth, by a German mad scientist – is definitely getting folks intrigued, and the movie has even been covered in Entertainment Weekly.

All of this buzz has allowed director Tom Six to get the sequel off the ground. Called Human Centipede: Full Sequence (the complete title of the first film is Human Centipede: First Sequence), the film promises to feature a human centipede that is twelve people long. To put it in perspective there are three people in the first human centipede.

Talking to Shock Til You Drop, Tom Six says ‘I always see a lot of Hollywood horror film sequels and they’re terrible. I want to make sure the sequel is original and something cool. That’s a challenge. I have some stuff in the script that will, I hope, amaze the audience.’

If anybody is going to amaze the audience it’s this guy. The film shoots this summer in the UK.. is it too much to hope that Human Centipede: Full Sequence plays at Fantastic Fest 2010? In the mean time, Human Centipede (First Sequence) has a limited theatrical release from IFC. Check your local listings!