We brought you some bloody new screens from Splatterhouse last month but now we’ve got another look at the game in action. And it’s looking, well… beautiful.

Quite a step up from the originals, isn’t it? Well, the other big news is that the original Splatterhouse games will be included on the disc of the remake. The latest Official Playstation Mag revealed that the game will feature the original arcade version of the first game (the infamous uncensored Japanese version) along with Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3 ports from their Genesis versions. There’s no word on how you’ll be able to play them (or if you have to unlock them somehow) but just the fact that this will contain the complete collection of these really fun beat’m ups makes this an incredible package. It’s really funny to look at the old games and think about how incredibly controversial they were at the time. Truly, an entire generation of children were corrupted beyond reason by the horrors contained within.