A few weeks after the flaccid release of Grindhouse, I would have never guessed that any, much less several, of the associated bits would ever make it to being feature films. Well, Machete is shot and nearing release, Thanksgiving may be rolled into another production, and now Grindhouse trailer contest winner Hobo With A Shotgun is rolling cameras starting today.

One of many news bits coming out of ActionFest, word comes from Quint at AICN, who confirmed it with filmmaker Jared Eisener, and has also found out that the original Hobo has been replaced by one with a little star power (or at least geek cred)- Rutger Hauer.

Mr. Hauer will be wielding the titular firearm with the original Hobo, Dave Brunt, playing a cop- that might just be a cameo though. I love the trailer for the kooky narration and great title (the most valuable attributes of many exploitation films), but besides being well-implemented (with a good “dirty cops” line), there’s not a lot on which to pin any hopes of a particularly crazy or awesome film. Hauer being on it helps though, for sure.

There’s no direct confirmation that this is intended for a theatrical release, what kind of budget it’s working with, or any other details really, but the fact that it’s beginning production today is a good sign you’ll be seeing more murderous hobo action soon enough.

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