On my way to see the amazing/bizarre/incredible/batshit insane Hausu at the IFC Center in Manhattan tonight, I came across this series of posters in the West 4th Street subway station. Graffiti and defacement are common sights around the New York City subways, and usually don’t amount to anything more than scribblings of dicks or blacking out the teeth in people’s smiles. (The one exception is the Poster Boy movement, which is amazing.)

The thing I like about this kind of culture jamming – no matter how puerile – is that it reminds me to not take my pop culture so seriously. The following is a fun example:

The first poster you pass walking up the downtown-side ramp.

I think the guy in the middle looks like he could.

From what I understand, the answer is “no.”

I agree.

Spoiler alert.