The Haunting in Connecticut sequel is gearing up and the editor on the first film, Tom Elkins, is making his debut in the big chair for it, according to  Titled A Haunting in Georgia, the film centers on the true story of a young family imperiled by mysterious entities inhabiting their property in the rural South.  David Coggeshall wrote the script and Gold Circle topper Paul Brooks will produce.  Elkins will also be editing Joel Silver’s The Apparition, which led to his work on this film as director.

If Gold Circle can manage to keep the films interesting, this is a franchise that can sustain itself through multiple installments.  I covered the DVD of the first film and found it pretty good, although generally by the numbers.  Having gone to school for a while back in the day in the town of the article title, I can tell you that that should definitely be their next destination.  Although the experience didn’t really have anything to do with ghosts.