Writer-director Robert Saitzyk is readying his film, The Last Beat, which is said to be inspired by the final days of Jim Morrison, says THR.com.  he’ll be reteaming with his After the Flood star, Shawn Andrews, who will play the lead.  A nontraditional biopic, Beat will track the final days of Jay
Douglas, a famous American rock star in the early ’70s, as he
navigates his relationships with two women in Paris — a glamorous
French Countess named Clemence and his California “soulmate,”
Valerie Eason.  Gus Van Sant used a similar approach in his 2005 film
Last Days,
in which he envisioned a fictionalized portrait of the days leading
to Kurt Cobain’s suicide.

In addition to Flood, Saitzyk has also written and directed Godspeed and White of Winter, and directed Boundaries.  An interesting side note is that he’s kept his editing side gig, and one of his projects was Paula Abdul: Cardio Cheer.  Meanwhile, Andrews’ credits have included Dazed and Confused, The Sleepless, City of Ghosts and Big Heart City.