I suspect there’s real truth to this video; while many of the hateful
commenters on sites like Aint It Cool and CHUD are likely pathetic shits
sitting at home with nothing going on in their lives, I believe just as
many are pathetic shits stuck in dead end jobs and with family
responsibilities they hate. They sit in a cubicle all day*, destroyed by
their lives, and they spit their venom at people doing more interesting
things with themselves.

Of course, I doubt they’re all government employees.

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Happy Finish – Net Hate (NSFW)
– watch more funny

* thank you to the commenter who reprimanded me – yes, not everyone who sits in a cubicle all day is miserable. I’m not trying to say that – simply painting a picture of trolls being more than just the socially maladjusted basement dwellers we think they are. They walk and work among you.