With Iron Man 2 tying directly into other Marvel films leading up to The Avengers, and with the first film having that Nick Fury Easter Egg, and Tony Stark making a similar appearance at the end of The Incredible Hulk, it was pretty much a given that we can expect the same at the end of this one as well.  And with a couple of other key superhero films gearing up in a big way for that aforementioned Avengers rendezvous in a couple of years, it isn’t too hard to imagine what that hidden scene at the end of Iron Man 2 will focus on. 

Now the good folk over at Badtaste.it are saying they have confirmation on what will make up that scene.  Think of the focus of those pending movies and you’ve got your answer already.  But just in case you’re trying to avoid any spoilers whatsoever, minor as they may be, this mangled translation is courtesy of Babelfish.  Probably Unnecessary Invisotext onVocifereva for a long time of this possibility (however, the same one with the first episode had happened), but the details were not known. Well, we can say to you that the scene will regard Capitan America and Thor!  From what we know, the Universal will try to awaken all the shopkeepers to project this sequence, being considered the importance that it has also for the future of the supereroistiche films of the Marvel Studios. In effects, if us thoughts, from the cinemas can also be seen like a kind of spot and therefore because cutting it in order to save some minute?  Probably Unnecessary Invisotext off.

An interesting side note is that apparently there was some discussion as to what to call the Avengers in Italy.  They decided on the term “Progetto Vendicatori.”  To what does that translate in Babelfish?  “Vendicatori Plan,” duh.

Thanks to Andrea for sharing as always.