Though we last head Aronofsky was shopping around a plan to cavort around in the woods with Angelina Jolie, EW is reporting that he has picked up a project entitled Jackie, about the grieving First Lady in the days after the JFK assassination.

The director will, for the second (cinematic) time, tap his wife Rachel Weisz to play the central role. This is all based on a script by unknown scribe Noah Oppenheim that has been making waves at CAA- the agency putting together the package. Words like “Spielberg” and “HBO” were apparently being tossed about in regards to the screenplay, before it has become a package through Protozoa Pictures (Aronofsky’s NY based production company).

I’m caring less and less which project of Aronofsky’s gets picked up- I just want the motherfucker behind a camera again, ASAP.

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