Well, that’s one director you wouldn’t expect to jump on the 3D bandwagon, but there you go.

Roger Ebert just broke the news about the Werner Herzog’s latest project, which will see him gaining access to the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc. The cave contains the earliest known paintings in existence, dating back some 32,000 years. The master filmmaker has used his cred to gain access, as it’s closed off to the  public. It will of course present a ton of obstacles filming- you can’t just flood the caves with light, and to get into the place itself is a challenge, but of course Herzog isn’t dissuaded by mere challenges. This is a guy that got shot during an interview and kept answering questions, after all.

Herzog is convinced that the only way to shoot the film would be in FINGER-PAINTING 3D, and explains some more in the videos below. He obviously doesn’t want to make it a gimmicky film with things popping out at the audience but instead wants to allow the world to see all the textures and beauty of the cave walls. If any director’s earned the benefit of the doubt…


Read Ebert’s article for more about the amazing Herzog event he attended.