I find it hysterical that videogame luminaries have found a new home to show off their new stuff via Jimmy Fallon, of all people. It’s always nice to see some of the more interesting developers talk about their craft on tv- it’s just rare to see them treated with any modicum of respect. Anyway, tonight Cliff “Don’t call me Cliffy B!” Bleszinski of Epic Games stopped by with an exclusive Gears of War 3 trailer to show off to the world. Without further ado-

Look at all that juice!

(Edit: Looks like NBC’s embed is pointed at the wrong clip. Check this link for the trailer)

Dig the more grizzled Marcus and it will be interesting to see these new enemies, but of course since the Gears story has always been dumb as bricks (seriously, it’s one of the stupidest games around) it will be nice to see some of its set-pieces. The second one certainly had plenty of those. Bleszinski mentions a few new additions like a double-barreled shotgun and that there will be female soldiers this time around. No word on if they’ll also be comically huge.

He also mentioned that the likely release will be April 8th, 2011. Quite a ways away, but it’s nice to see that the game release schedule is starting to spread out more and more. Of course, Gears is going to sell no matter what day it’s released.