The novel based on a screenplay I co-wrote and one featuring plenty of input from myself (I also wrote the afterword) is hitting stores all across the world this October [literally, we are closing deals with all sorts of other regions]. Grim Reaper: End of Days, the first in a news series from Steve Alten [of MEG and Domain fame] and myself. It features a cover from longtime friend of CHUD Erik Hollander in interiors from John Toledo, who provided the amazing interiors for my (currently in limbo) Day of the Devil comic.

Coming up we’re going to have some nice promotions and a really fun opportunity for you filmmakers out there to be a part of the project, but in the meantime we have gone live on Amazon and since it’s my first foray into the fiction world it’d be nice to see the CHUD readership show their power in helping make it a hit. Here’s the plot as shared in Steve’s most recent newsletter:

“Shep” Shepherd was a promising major
league baseball
pitcher before September 11th, 2001. Shaken by the
attacks, Shep left behind his soul mate and newborn daughter
enlist in the Armed Forces. Eleven years and four deployments
Shep finds himself in Manhattan’s VA
hospital. His left arm is gone,
his wife and daughter are gone, and
his tarnished soul is haunted
by the nightmares of war.

21st 2012

While world leaders meet at the U.N., Mary Klipot,
a scientist
working at a bio-hazard level-4 lab in Fort
Detrick, enters
Manhattan with Scythe,
a swift-acting version of the Black
Death, developed by the CIA
to annihilate America’s enemies
abroad. Believing
God has chosen her to bring forth the End of Days,
Mary infects
herself with Scythe, unleashing a pandemic.
rush to seal off Manhattan island, trapping three million
— the president among them — the only vaccine now in

Determined to use the vaccine to rescue his
and child, Shep and his pschiatrist, Virgil Shechinah, trek
through the
plague-infested neighborhoods of Manhattan, which
mirror the “Nine
Circles of Hell” portrayed in Dante’s
Inferno. Plagued

by greed, corruption, and two endless wars, it is man’s ego
that has
brought about the End of Days, unleashing the Grim Reaper
upon the
earth…and the Angel of Death is stalking Patrick

Please pre-order the book if interested from the link below!