word of apps has grown insanely over the past couple of years,
that ranges from opportunistic and godawful to
transcendent and
For lack of a better word, I’m an app
whore. A power user of the
order. Sometimes a fool and
sometimes a gentleman with serious

way, here I am and
here come the reviews…

Today’s Title: Toon FX Paint

Platform: iPhone

Price: $1.99

Developer: Toon FX

The Premise:

Send the color from your portraits away and then finger paint the line drawings to give them a fun look. It’s how I made two of my recent fabulous Facebook profile pictures (here & here). Speaking of, why not be my sweet friend on Facebook?

The Icon on my phone:

Matt Dillon.

The Application:

This app does one thing but it does it really well. It’s not a simple Photoshop filter given its own spotlight but a nifty little program that does a very nice job of taking a photograph and rendering it in a matter that allows a creative person to have some fun with it. You can accomplish quite a few different effects with it ranging from simplistic and iconic to detailed and (in my opinion) tacky like the image below:

Straight from some Panama City dude’s van!

The iPhone (and other items like it, but face it you’re not in the same league) has become a very nice outlet for amateurs to assume the role of artists and this little program is a really fun way to enhance photos in a way that is infinitely better than a lot of the chaff and cheese on iTunes. There’s a glut of really bad photo apps out there so it’s nice to see one with limited focus but very good programming.

I often will take a picture and pull it into this app just to see what happens. That’s called replay value, folks.

I took a picture of my little gentleman. It sucked the color right out of her.

When you load a picture in, it automatically presents it in the format as shown above. You then can tweak it to the desired effect. Truly, the default settings work the best with close-up portraits but if you experiment with different kinds of images you can get some pretty out there stuff. I personally like taking photos of kids in pools, making all the kids look like Toxie and turning the water to blood.

I then masturbate.

I then quickly spattered shit. This is not art.

The Hook:

It’s a way to quickly add zest to photographs. Or make yourself look like a freak. Either way you win.

Get It:

If two bucks is worth it for being able to have some fun. It saves the images a decent resolution, isn’t buggy, why not?