Want to see how Jackie Earle Haley does his Freddy Krueger thing before the rest of society, Atlanta folks? That’s why we’re here. I have a stack of passes with your collective names on them, ones which will be waiting at Atlantic Station next Wednesday for you if you are chosen.

For those who have been living in a frost colony for the past year, Michael Bay and his army of talented producers have remade the classic Wes Craven\Robert England horror flick. Freddy Krueger’s origin and the film that kickstarted the studio that would eventually bring us Frodo Baggins in all his wide-eyed glory.

How to get a pass: Using the link below and including your name and the name of your guest [max one guest per person], tell me what element from the original makes it a classic. Simple? Yes it is, unless you give a dumb answer. Good luck!

P.S. I also need an emissary to be at the screening to distribute the passes for me as I will be unable to attend. Anyone on the North side able to handle this task?

Enter To Win