This is a new running feature about the Blu Ray format. Bad cover art. Inexplicable products given Blu Ray Treatment, and more. If you have anything you see along your journeys that would make for a fun addition, send it my way.

What the hell just happened? How did this cover get approved in 2010? How did this cover get approved when Michael Mann is one of the most micromanaging people in the film industry? How did this cover get approved when there are apps for your phone that can do digital blending that makes this look like the handiwork of I Am Sam with a C64?

Collateral is a movie I love. I watch it a whole bunch. I don’t care that it becomes a typical thriller in the last act. It’s jazz. It’s alive. It’s almost a truly great movie. And the original artwork is oddly effective considering the shot is so oddly laid out (though Jamie Foxx’s addition to the DVD cover is ill advised).

Blu Ray doesn’t have to mean ‘different’. In fact, by going with the branding and iconography that made a product successful you have the ability to coast on that recognition. This looks like the Goodtimes VHS versions of movies from the 80’s. The seal of absolutely no quality. Nightmare town.

Worse yet, look at the back of the box. It’s like Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett are being attacked by Rodan:

I didn’t buy this disc, that’s how bad this art is. And I’ll buy ANYTHING.