Title Fri+Sat+Sun / location All
1 Date Night $27,100,000 $8,032 $27,100,000
2 Clash of the Titans $26,875,000 (-56.1%) $7,069 $110,468,000
3 How to Train Your Dragon $25,350,000 (-12.6%) $6,326 $133,891,000
4 Tyler Perry‘s Why Did I Get Married Too? $11,000,000 (-62.4%) $5,104 $48,520,000
5 The Last Song $10,000,000 (-37.5%) $3,740 $42,400,000
6 Alice in Wonderland $5,600,000 (-31.8%) $2,213 $319,300,000
7 Hot Tub Time Machine $5,430,000 (-32.7%) $2,080 $36,969,000
8 The Bounty Hunter $4,300,000 (-29.4%) $1,482 $56,001,000
9 Diary of a Wimpy Kid $4,100,000 (-22.7%) $1,671 $53,756,000
10 Letters to God $1,250,000 $1,394 $1,250,000

This just in: Is Ana Marie Cox the new geek hotness? It’s going to take some doing to trump Tina Fey, and Cox does not wear glasses. Sadly, the nerd girl cool pool is limited as canidates like actress Zooey Deschanel err toward the side of hipster and are not necessarily smart, or do not always project nerdiness. When said aloud “nerd girl cool” sounds like elvish.

On Friday I suggested the difference between the opening two pictures would be about a half million. It was smaller. And Date Night managed to trump Clash of the Titans, though this is a case where actuals may give us a different order for the top three films, as Klady has Clash over Date Night by a half a million. Date Night has the possibility to have a good multiplier, in that the majority of box office successes we’ve seen are incredibly front-loaded, and coedy and date movies can play much longer. That makes the idea of the film hitting $100 Million not absurd. But just as likely would be the picture doing $60-$70 million all in. This has all the earmarkings of a cable favorite. International probably won’t be that strong, but they opened at #1 stateside, and no one’s embarrassed, while director Shawn Levy is likely circling Night at the Museum 3. To think, Levy directed two huge hits for Fox, and Date Night was his follow up. What if it was his passion project?

Clash of the Titans was the subject of a Jeffery Katzenberg interview suggesting studios be a little careful about how they apply a third dimension to their films. This is likely because Clash of the Titans in 3-D was a cash grab. Will anyone listen? Probably not until it’s too late. Then again, the 3-D for this movie wasn’t an afterthought, it was an afterbirth thought. Instead of relying on 3-D, they should really just digitally insert Mike Starr into films. He makes everything better by his presence and is never bad. Clash may have troubles getting to $150 Million, but it’ll get there just the same. Warners better hope for good international. Last weekend 3-D accounted for half the film’s business, so Warner Brothers was probably right in doing what they did in the short term.

But How to Train Your Dragon, that’s a hold. It looks like the DreamWorks Animated film has found an audience, and no one’s pissed off with its 3-D. With an amazing 12% fall, $200 Million might not be out of reach. That’s impressive, considering, but it also won’t have a lot of direct competition until summer season starts. It all depends if Furry Vengeance plays to kids (it may not play to humans).

Old joke: How do you cure AIDS? A: Give it to MGM to distribute.

Letters to God is a Christian-funded film (it seems) and may play to that audience. I don’t know if it’s going to do Fireproof business, but the audience who goes to these sorts of films doesn’t usually behave like any other audience, which means it could play all summer with slow and steady business. That per screen isn’t great, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hold on. Then again, it could just be a blip.

Alice is almost done, The Bounty Hunter gets to $60, summer is less than a month away.