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. Here’s a quick three tweeps you should already be following:

@AmericanCine (American Cinematographer Magazine)

@MrsStephenFry (the longsuffering wife of Mr. Stephen Fry)

@smilinstanlee (the MAN)

And here are three you might not have thought to follow before:


Scout’s bio reads simply,
“I’m a film location scout. My job is to stare at New York City. I
write about what I see.” And he does. His website, Scouting New
, is as informative as it is entertaining. Take a break from
discovering the secret architecture of the Big Apple and check out
the series “New York, You’ve Changed” a three-part look at the
settings of three quintessential New York films – Taxi Driver,
Rosemary’s Baby, and Ghostbusters – then, and now.

@valeriewriter (Valerie Atherton)

A Bloggie Award-winning movie reviewer writer at Valerie Atherton’s Playground
and Intellectual Dept.
In school, she was voted best smile. She took
some acting classes before, but the teacher was English and she
couldn’t understand most of what he said. La-me. Her heros are her
parents, poor people who work hard or win a lottery and can live the
American dream, famous women who struggled against whatever. And she
likes Shia LeBeouf. You should totally subscribe.

@GreatDismal (William Gibson)

Widely considered the
father of cyberpunk (although according to this interview he seems uncomfortable with that
), William Gibson has penned such classic sci-fi novels as
“Neuromancer” (part of the Sprawl Trilogy), “Virtual Light” (the Bridge
Trilogy), and “Pattern Recognition” (the Bigend Books).

The remarkable
thing about following a working novelist like Gibson on Twitter is
that he’ll sometimes tweet as he writes. For instance: He discovers a
“Hetchins super special 1946 curly mint super rare frame” for
sale on eBay, then writes, “There’s a Hetchins curly-stays frame in
my new book, BTW; will now make it orange & gold, in honor of
this one.” The creative process in action. He just finished his latest book, “Zero History”, and is posting tidbits of release information, as well as links to interesting world news and tech articles while occasionally conversing with @ebertchicago.

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