STUDIO: Comedy Central
MSRP: $14.99
RUNNING TIME:  67 minutes
• Comedy Central presents Greg Giraldo
• Never before seen Adult Content pilot

The Pitch

Stand up special with one of the standout participants in many a Friars Club roast, Greg Giraldo.

The Humans

Cast:  Greg Giraldo

The Nutshell

Greg Giraldo hot off his appearances on the Comedy Central roasts is given his own special. Subjects that are tackled include koala fucking, accents, fat/asthmatic kids, the creepiness of John McCain, inadvertant racism, and overcompensating closet homosexuals. It’s a stand up special, what more do you need to know?

Should never have followed the stage hypnotist. Forever a chicken.

The Lowdown

Overall, I thought it was very funny. Greg Giraldo is at his best when he’s playing his comedy a bit looser, and he does that quite a bit here. Some of the special was drier in the ‘humorous observation’ category, and the ending isn’t as much of a grand finale as I’m used to with this stuff. It’s very enjoyable and Giraldo is likable enough that I didn’t mind watching it a second time to remind myself of some of his bits. In truth I think I laughed more the second time around, but I think that has more to do with my state of mind than with what I missed the first time.

                       Didn’t see the young Latin boy in the contract rider, again.       

Given Greg Giraldo’s propensity for vulgarity and shock humor, I found myself surprised at how unshocked I was. This almost certainly has to do with me being jaded and highly desensitized. It must have been that I was thinking this would be on the darker blue side, for the most part it would seem it was kept a little bit more basic cable safe w/ added swearing. I can’t blame Greg Giraldo for this but take that for what it is worth.

  Given the chance Greg Giraldo shows he knows his Broadway better than anyone.

Honestly, I’m not all that sure how you go about reviewing standup comedy. If you know Greg Giraldo and you are into him then you should probably check this out. Likewise, it ain’t winning him any new converts. I enjoyed it and won’t mind having it in my collection for later viewing.

The Package

Included on the disc is a Comedy Central presents special featuring Greg Giraldo from 2000, and a pilot for a series hosted by him, also for Comedy Central called Adult Content. The CC presents special was good, I laughed maybe more consistently than the main feature standup. Adult Content was interesting and mildly funny, but it is easy to see why it never went to series as the premise is fairly limited. Not a bad package.

OVERALL 7.0 out of 10   
“Next time I’ll have to alphabetize this by minorities”