There’s a new Losers clip up on MySpace (that I first caught at Syfy) that features an expanded look at the upcoming Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans et all flick.  The clip has a lot of what was seen in the trailer, plus Zoe Saldana in various states of undress and physical action, which is always welcome.  Bolivian accents are nice too.  Meanwhile, the Syfy piece has an interview from the erstwhile Uhura about her warming to the role of action star. 

“After Avatar I became like a beast for action,” Saldana told
a group of reporters (including SCI FI Wire) on the film’s set last
September in Puerto Rico. “It’s still very new for me to shoot action
movies. I’m so hungry for it, and I want to do all my stunts. I’m all
bruised up and everything. I’m still at that phase where I want to do
everything myself and get beaten up.”
  Furthermore, she added: “I had to gain a couple of pounds so that I was going to be able to
hold those weapons for more than eight hours a day. They’re pretty
heavy. I love that kind of s–t. I really love it when I’m pushed

I’m sure if she needs to be pushed physically in the future, that won’t be a problem for her.  Looking forward more and more to this.  The Losers premieres April 23rd.
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