For the record, I’m seemingly one of the few guys on the globe that don’t hate on Paul W.S. Anderson.  I’ve usually been able to get with several of the guy’s films on a popcorn level, and one or two of them, such as Event Horizon, I quite enjoy.  As for the Resident Evil franchise, I never played the game, so I was able to go into the films with no expectations.  I thought the first one was fairly solid – not great mind you, but fairly solid – for what it was.  Hard to believe we’re at the fourth film in the franchise now.  Anderson, who wrote and produced the second and third movies only, has made his return to the big chair, and he apparently got hold of James Cameron’s 3D cameras somewhere along the way.

Anyway, the trailer is out for Resident Evil: Afterlife and It’s pretty much the Matrix meets Ultraviolet.  Of course, the last part of that statement scares the shit out of me, as it should you.  But in the midst of this godforsaken 3D blitz we’re in, at least the film was shot specifically for the medium, instead of Clash-ed up the extra dimension.  So we’ll see how it turns out.  Afterlife is out on September 10th.