My article about why Summit must make Breaking Dawn, the insane final book in the ‘Twilight saga,’ into a movie is the most viewed article in CHUD history. By a lot. And it’s the most commented-upon article in CHUD history, again by a lot. But nowhere in the article or in the comments did anyone come up with a Breaking Dawn director quite as perfect as who Summit is now talking with:

Bill Condon.

For some Condon’s just an Oscar guy (literally – he put together last year’s Oscars) after movies like Kinsey and Dreamgirls, but Condon’s a genre guy. He’s a fan of genre films, and he’s worked in the trenches himself – Condon directed Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and he wrote Strange Invaders (that’s one that never gets brought up in 80s nostalgia talks – probably because like Invaders from Mars it’s the product of 50s nostalgia).

And he’s a good director. That’s really the most important thing here. I doubt the script will be all that good, but Condon can bring something to the proceedings, and since he’s a guy who gets human beings as well as genre, he might be able to do something interesting with that first film, where Bella will get knocked up and get a vampire fang C-section.

Of course even with Spielberg at the helm Breaking Dawn will be a piece of shit, but at least it could be an interesting piece of shit.

This is all great for Condon too, by the way. Anything that gives such a talented director some work and leverage in future negotiations is alright by me.

via Deadline