It took a while, but it’s finally
here: Caesar,
the prebootquel to Planet of the Apes, starts shooting in British Columbia
this summer. According to Production
there’s a mid-July start date,
although there’s no official director yet. The production office has
opened, the production team is working on creating  the apes,
and there’s a script – which CHUD looked at in detail last month.

You can
read all about
Caesar, and the
shout outs it makes to
Planet of the Apes, right

kind of a bummer that I won’t have even a chance of visiting this set,
since CHUD has been completely blacklisted by Fox (I don’t even get
invited to movie screenings in LA anymore), but I’m looking forward to
getting more info in the coming months. If you’re involved in Caesar,
I’m interested in hearing from you. If you have scoops, info, photos,
or anything else, please get in touch at; as a life long Planet of
the Apes
I’m really excited about this movie.
While it has many hurdles to face – the script could be better! Tom
Rothman could meddle less! – I’m holding out hope that a new Apes cycle
is being started.

The power of positive thinking!