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That said, the picture at the right comes from Comic Book Movie and they claim that it’s the first shot of Abin Sur’s ship from the now-filming Green Lantern movie. In the story Abin Sur, an alien member of the Green Lantern Corps, crashes on Earth. As he dies his Green Lantern power ring flies off to the nearest suitable candidate for the Corps – test pilot Hal Jordan.

If that is Abin Sur’s ship it looks like it’s in decent shape (click over to Comic Book Movie for the whole picture); part of the film’s plot has villain Hector Hammond coming across a hunk of metal from the ship and becoming a super baddie, so I figured the ship would be more messed up.

For any hardcore fans: why the hell does Abin Sur have a spaceship?
Can’t Green Lanterns fly through space by the power of their rings? I
never understood this.

via io9