impending remake of Fright Night now has one of its leads; Anton
Yelchin is going to star as Charley Brewster, the kid whose next door
neighbor turns out to be a vampire. But even knowing this, we have no
idea how the rest of the film will play.

The original classic had Charley
(played by William Ragsdale) seeking out the help of a TV horror host in
dispatching the bloodsucker. But in the year 2010 the TV horror host is
even more of an anachronism than it was in 1985 (and it was really an
anachronism in 85) – so to whom will Charley turn? One early version of
the script had him seeking out none other than Chris Sarandon, the guy
who played the vampire in the original Fright Night, but that was before Marti Noxon
came aboard to write the film.

Hopefully the next bit of casting
news will tell us just how the hell this new version of Fright

via Heat