You could have two 3D shark movies in your future. We reported on Bait a couple of months ago – an Australian film to be directed by Russell Mulcahy about people trapped in a submerged supermarket that is under attack by tiger sharks – and now The Final Destination‘s David R. Ellis has signed on to direct Shark Night, a 3D shark movie all his own. Shark Night will be written by Jesse Studenberg (no idea) and Will Hayes (probably a producer from Best Week Ever), and will feature some animatronic shark work from Walt Conti, who did the sharks in Deep Blue Sea.

Temper some of your enthusiasm – Bait looks like it might be getting put off a bit as Mulcahy dives into the new Teen Wolf. Ellis’ movie is coming in at a paltry 28 million bucks. And if the writer is from Best Week Ever, and it really is called Shark Night, I’m concerned that Ellis will be doing less Final Destination 2 and more Snakes on a Plane.

And what of Ellis’ other 3D movie, Humpty Dumpty? It’s apparently not dead – the film’s MySpace page says Drac Studios has signed on to do the monster work – but it looks like it won’t be starting any time soon if Shark Night goes this summer, as Deadline reports.