Death at a Funeral is an incredibly funny British comedy, directed with the dark humor of Frank Oz and showcasing pretty much the worst series of events that you can imagine happening at a loved one’s funeral. Corpses being misplaced, people on acid, manic dwarfs- it had it all, a fantastic bit of cringe humor that was made even more funny by the British setting.

This 2007 black comedy has of course been remade as a 2010 “urban” comedy, which seems to be the film’s biggest flaw simply judging from the trailers and clip. While it’s hysterical to see stereotypically stuffy white Brits have their sacred day ruined, a stereotypically black comedy is expected to be more broad. It’s simply not shocking to see Tracey Morgan act a fool during a funeral.

While the trailers for both films have ruined pretty much every comedy beat from the film, another clip from the remake hit today that shows how close this one skews to the original. I love me some Peter Dinklage (my wife used to commute with him on the N train here in NYC) but I don’t know how the man can play the same character twice like this. You’re better than that, guy!

Here’s the clip that mirrors the original, although it’s not nearly as well executed.


Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first remake of the film- there’s also a Bollywood version called Daddy Cool that came out last year. Do yourself and grab the original.