Probably the biggest news about Chris Evans to come out of WonderCon is about his arms – they’re jacked. The actor has massive biceps, the kind that would look very good in a suit of red, white and blue chainmail. The rest of Evans isn’t quite as bulked up – he has a very slim midsection – but it looks like the once and future Steve Rogers has been hitting the gym in preparation for WWII.

Sadly, that’s about all I got for you. Evans was in San Francisco promoting The Losers, and Warner Bros was very specific asking folks not to come to him with The First Avenger: Captain America questions. The crowd at the panel for The Losers was oddly respectful of that request, but he did get asked some Cap-related stuff backstage at the press roundtable. His answer as to what it was that keeps bringing him – an avowed non-comic reader – back to comic movies:

“It’s what they’re making these days.”

Never a truer word. He also said that what interests him about Captain America isn’t the comic but the character. “I think Marvel is doing a lot of good things right now, and it’s a fun character. Even if it wasn’t a comic book, I think just the story of Steve Rogers is great; he’s a great guy. Even if it was just a script about anybody, I would probably want to do it. So it wasn’t necessarily about the comic itself.”

I like that answer. Steve Rogers has to be a guy worth watching in a movie if Captain America is going to work. He can’t be just a symbol, and his four color history can’t be relied on to make the movie interesting. There needs to be a core character who has an arc that we can follow. Evans isn’t a guy who knows much about Cap, so the fact that the character is what spoke to him (probably spoke to him through the faces of dead presidents, to be honest), is nice.

There’s going to be a press day for The Losers in LA next week, but Evans isn’t scheduled to appear, so this may be our only Captain America info from Cap himself until he heads out to shoot.