Film Weekend Per Screen James Cameron
1 Clash of the Titans $61,400,000 $16,256 $64,055,000
2 Tyler Perry‘s Why Did I Get Married Too? $30,150,000 $13,991 $30,150,000
3 How to Train Your Dragon $29,200,000 (-33.2%) $7,192 $92,326,000
4 The Last Song $16,203,000 $6,062 $25,590,000
5 Alice in Wonderland $8,267,000 (-53.3%) $2,774 $309,793,000
6 Hot Tub Time Machine $8,000,000 (-42.9%) $2,887 $27,842,000
7 The Bounty Hunter $6,200,000 (-48.4%) $1,988 $48,957,000
8 Diary of a Wimpy Kid $5,525,000 (-45.4%) $1,944 $46,234,000
9 She’s Out of My League $1,463,000 (-58.3%) $1,053 $28,659,000
10 Shutter Island $1,462,000 (-54.1%) $1,078 $123,415,000

This just in: If Clash of the Titans does well enough, they’ve talked about a prequel with one of the most liked characters. It ll depends on how Clash does if Warner Brothers decides to make and release The Kraken.

And scene.

Clash of the Titans opened. Would it have done closer to $40 or $50 Million dollars had it not have been in 3-D? The world will never know. Currently, I don’t know the split on how much business was 3-D, but that’s a good number, and guarantees the film will do over nine digits, with a possible end point of $150. What it isn’t is Fast and Furious numbers. This my have been a harder sell, but this was also supposed to be perfect for the 300 slot. So I guess the film needed more homo-eroticism and enjoyable fascism. This doesn’t look to be a phenomenon, and I’m sure the word on the 3-D has gotten out.

Tyler Perry moves make Tyler Perry money. This is a good opening for a picture that might just double opening weekend. The studio knows who they’re marketing to, what the ceiling on everything is, and there’s been few disappointments. Perry keeps a low enough profile that even the black entertainers, and media critics who don’t like him aren’t going to begrudge his success now that he just keeps going. And since not a lot of white people watch his films, it’s a culturally contained thing, very much FUBU (which was not the case with the young black cinema of the early 90’s). At this point, it’s just impressive. This may work out as well for Nicholas Sparks, who’s like the white Tyler Perry. The Last Song is made cheap, and plays to its audience well enough to get to a $25 Million five day total. The film should then clear $40-$60 Million all in. That’s good, strong business for so little.

How to Train your Dragon is performing well enough, and should receive a boost from the lack of new 3-D or kid film competition until Shrek. It probably can’t get to $200, but over $150 at this point is assured. International may end up being stronger, but it hasn’t been as of yet. And Alice isn’t dead yet, and may hang out fr a bit if it hasn’t lost all it’s 3-D screens.

Hot Tub Time Machine is a push, but it could have been bigger. The Bounty Hunter and Diary of  Wimpy Kid are going to get past $50, but that’s more a victory for the Kid. And, at this point, movies are still in theaters partly because there’s a little coming in, and when you’ve got more than ten screens, you can’t double up on everything. We’re a month out from the start of summer season. So let’s go.