Greetings from the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where I’m sitting in the Warner Brothers panel. In an attempt to justify spending 20 bucks on my 3G data stick (since they’re not allowing anyone to ask Chris Evans any Captain America questions), I’m bringing you a fairly Oh Don Piano-esque bit of news about Supernatural.

During the panel for The Losers someone in the audience asked Jeffrey Dean Morgan if he might come back to Supernatural at any point. Before Morgan vaulted to geek fame in Watchmen he played the father to demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, and while the character got killed off there’s plenty of room in that universe to bring back the dead.

Maybe, was Morgan’s short answer. He said that he’s open to coming back if it’s the show’s last season, and that he’s let the producers know as much. The onus, it seems, is on the folks at Supernatural and at CW, but it also sounds like he’s not really willing to come back just at any old time – he wants to see the show to its eventual end.

With Supernatural getting renewed for a sixth season, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing the return of Daddy Winchester this year.