Do you use Twitter? Even if you don’t feel like telling the entire world every time you buy a coffee or use the
toilet, it’s worth having an account just to be able to keep up with folks
like @ebertchicago (Roger Ebert) or @edgarwright (guess who) or @rcjohnso (Rian Johnson) who
regularly share with their followers cool links they’ve found or
details about projects they’re working on. Best of all, Twitter works
like an open forum where you can ask your favorite
director/actor/author/musician questions, and in some cases get
direct responses.

Every Friday is Follow Friday on
Twitter, which means that tweeps (Twitter peeps) will post their
favorite accounts and tag them with an #ff so they’re easy
to find. Well, it’s Friday, so now you know what that means:

@rodneykiwi (Rodney Charters, ASC)

The cinematographer behind Fox’s
erstwhile 24, and a great proponent of digital cinema. Over the
course of 24‘s
final season, Charters tweeted behind the scenes
videos and photos of him and his crew rigging cameras, prepping new
gear at Panavision, or just horsing around. He also shared little
details from the set, like a shot of the final permit posting ever for 24. He’ll still be working on other shows, commercials and films, so stay tuned. If you’re interested at all in
learning the intricacies of digital filmmaking from one of the
masters of the form, this is the guy to follow. It’s not all shop
talk, but again, that’s the beauty of Twitter.

@cahcat (Cathie Horlick)

Bow down to the one of the reigning
queens of movie geekdom. Cathie is a regular at the New Beverly

in Los Angeles, and when I say regular, I mean like almost every single
day. She’s the most dedicated film fanatic I’ve ever met, loves Booster
Gold and Darkman, and has a kick-ass VHS collection. She’s always tweeting about her New Bev exploits, taking photos,
and when we’re lucky, video too. Upset you missed out on the Buckaroo Banzai/Peter Weller
Q&A last week? Cathie was there and she recorded it for you.
Because she’s awesome. Bow down.


I have no idea who LittleMonsta is. I
think it’s one person; a programmer, actually. In Tokyo. I discovered
Monsta through @GreatDismal (William Gibson), who retweets him/her
quite frequently. If you’re into Kojiro humanoid robots that
mimic the musculoskeletal system
, or
the lost landscapes of Detroit circa 2010, or
homemade revolver shotguns, this is the person
to follow.

[While you’re looking for folks to follow, don’t forget the crew: @nicknunziata, @devincf, @alexriviello, @rennbrown, @jeremygbutler, @dr_ultimately, and @Chud_News_Feed.]