A good World War II Captain America needs two things: his shield and a
sidekick. Now he has the sidekick (and I’m sure there are already
mock-ups of the shield laying around The First Avenger: Captain America‘s
production offices) – Sebastien Stan has been cast as Bucky Barnes.
Stan was recently seen in Hot Tub Time Machine,
where he played the head of the douchebag Ski Patrol guys.

was famous as one of the only characters in comics who stayed dead…
until he came back to life in 2006. Bucky was originally Cap’s gee-whiz
teen sidekick, but was recently retconned into a cold blooded killing
machine – while Cap was the smiling face of the red, white and blue,
Bucky was doing wet work on the side. It’s unclear if this is the
version of Bucky we’ll be seeing, but since that version became the very
popular Winter Soldier, I would count on it.

And I would definitely count on it
because Stan has signed a five or six picture deal. Bucky almost
certainly dies at the end of The First Avenger: Captain America,
so expect him to come back as The Winter Soldier should there be a

via Heat