I’m not sure what is worse- the horrible wait for Kick-Ass before I saw it, or the wait to see it a second time now that I’ve experienced the madness. The hype was completely and utterly justified, and no matter how I tried to ignore it before the screening it didn’t matter- this movie fucking nails it. This, coming from someone who read the series immediately afterwards and absolutely hated it. The movie is miles above the source material!

One thing seems obvious, though- they don’t really know how to market this great film. The green band trailer didn’t do a helluva lot for anyone and the red band trailers and clips are giving away almost all of the good moments from the film. Case in point, this clip of Nic Cage tearing shit up as Big Daddy that just debuted on MSN.
I’d almost recommend you not see this because you’re not getting the full experience- it’s pretty heavily edited for time and doesn’t really give you an idea of how amazing and badass it is to see this character in action for the first time, and what it means for the characters watching.

But man, what a scene.