Another Mario title, another likely must-have game hits the now-pitiful release slate for the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy 2 surely doesn’t look like a big step above the last game, but it does look like a lot of fun.

Nintendo has released this new trailer that shows some of the additions to the gameplay to expect, like the Rock Mario powerup and Yoshi’s return. As you can also see, the game will have a map system similar to Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Bros. Wii to make it easier to get into new levels.

More of the same certainly isn’t a bad thing but the Wii desperately needs some new IPs. Might be too late for that at this point- they still sell truckloads of every franchise game they put out and people have decided to not buy the few good hardcore titles the system gets (like Okami, Madworld or Dead Space: Extraction), leaving the casual games alone to thrive.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 hits next month on May 23rd.