It’s a goddamn shame
that Timur Bekmambetov got involved with American films. While Wanted is
certainly enjoyable enough, it’s not fair to the legion of Night Watch and Day Watch fans
that we seemingly won’t see the end of the story.

No, the man has put the third and final installment Dusk
(aka Twilight
) on hold and moved on. He last produced the disappointing
9 with Tim Burton and got a script for Wanted’s sequel ready to go- until
Angelina Jolie pulled out of the project at the last minute, forcing
them to write a new script to remove her character. They had apparently planned on shooting the film sometime this year for release in 2011.

But Total
is reporting that Bekmambetov is now in talks to direct The Casebook Of Victor
. It’s based on the 2008 novel by Peter Ackroyd, which as you might guess is a
retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. As the familiar story goes, the real Shelley
thought up the plot of Frankenstein after a night trading ghost stories at Lord
Byron’s estate. The gimmick here is that the novel puts Victor
Frankenstein in attendance that night. Yep, Shelley’s the one who puts the
spark in his mind (so to speak) and sets the familiar events in motion
with some changes here and there.

Screenwriter David Auburn (Proof, The Girl in the Park) is going to write the script.

We’ll let you know when a decision is made but please, Timur… finish up the trilogy soon!