It’s only been a week since the release of Just Cause 2, but that’s not stopping the developers at Avalanche from hinting at a potential sequel. develop-online reports that amidst the uproarious celebration over their new baby’s welcome critical reception and powerful sales figures, Avalanche is already planning for the future. According to studio lead Cristofer Sundberg, we “shouldn’t be surprised” to hear the Just Cause 3 announcement:

“The studio lives and breathes the Just Cause franchise, and handing that over to another developer would spoil it. No one has the attachment to this IP that we do.”

Ok, so that’s a far cry from an official announcement, but it’s as good excuse as any to write about Just Cause 2.

Since Avalanche Studios clearly put all of their eggs in one basket with the Just Cause franchise, the game’s success means a new lease on life for the team, especially given recent spates of developer layoffs both within the company and around the world. It’s also great news for us, as Just Cause 2 is really quite terrific – it doesn’t have the story chops of a Grand Theft Auto, but it still might be the most fun you’ll have exploring a virtual world. Dragging a sniper out of a crow’s nest with your grapple gun, zipping up to the roof, and then parachuting around an enemy base while lobbing grenades at hapless goons below just doesn’t get old. If only it had a co-op mode.

Just Cause 2 is Mercenaries meets GTA meets the Trololo guy from the internet. The action and exploration are incredible, but the dialogue is often hilariously weird. One faction leader told me she was going to ride her enemies raw. Whatever you say, lady!