You know what’s weird? That people don’t think Mark Wahlberg can do comedy. Do they realize he was Marky Mark for like half a decade? The guy is much more talented than his haters realize and probably a notch under what guys like me who love him think he’s capable of. Either way, he’s survived some massive bombs and has emerged Oscar nominated and a huge television producer so I think he wins.

The Other Guys was day nine of my 15 Films to Be Exited For list and it’s good to start seeing the marketing begin for it. The first being a terrific motion poster that debuted somewhere on Yahoo but only can be found to my knowledge over at the indispensable IMPAwards site. It’s the way of the future, these living one sheets. Though I thought we’d see more theaters with them by now, they still have a nice way of adding value to the most simple and effective of movie marketing techniques.

The great thing about them is that on the web the bandwidth is cheap enough to allow them to go full on. Why all movies don’t do this is beyond me. Anyhow, the way of the future continues with this.

Watch it here. What’s funnier is that it loops. As I write this I listen to Wahlberg shouting defiantly in the background and fake, but totally functional goodwill towards this film begins to blossom in me.