When I was at Sundance this January I spent a little bit of time in the company of a very nice young kid (and man do I mean kid. Nothing makes you feel old like hanging out with someone 14 years your junior) named Anthony Meadows. He was putting together a documentary about the Sundance Film Festival, with a special focus on bloggers – especially his friends at the site WeAreMovieGeeks.com – and wanted to get some footage of me.

The bit you see of me in the teaser trailer below is probably most of the usable stuff Meadows got from me – I can be long on words but short on content in interviews. And since I had a sort of monkish Sundance – I only went to the Fantastic Fest party this year – Meadows couldn’t get any fun footage of me doing anything. But my girlfriend says I look handsome in my sweater, so I have that going for me.

I’m not sure when the doc, called Redford Sent Us, is going to be finished, but you’ll be kept informed.

Redford Sent Us : Teaser Trailer from Anthony Meadows on Vimeo.