With the coming sequel, I finally got around to watching Wall Street. To be honest, it’s not a movie I never thought I’d get around to seeing. That’s kind of odd, considering i’m a Michael Douglas fan, dig the occasional Stone flick, and…well I liked Hot Shots! That gives Sheen a pass. A movie about the wheeling and dealing on Wall Street, however, just never seemed up my alley. I figured, if anything, I’d be bored and confused.

It’s always nice to be completely wrong.

Everything I thought I’d find confusing – stocks, trading, Daryl Hannah’s appeal – are easily explained and understandable. Well, except maybe Daryl Hannah. I can’t say I understood everything that went on in the movie, but I was compelled nonetheless.

Douglas, as I’m sure everyone is well aware, owns this movie. Gordon Gekko is a great character. One, I assume, who is the perfect face for this 80s mentality. The 80s factor might have been the most distancing for me. I was born a year after this movie came out. The only point of reference I have for the economy and style of the decade is from movies and Michael Ian Black VH1 appearances.

Maybe that’s why I’m interested in the sequel so much. I knew of Gordon Gekko before the movie and was curious how this 80s icon would fit into our new world. Now that I’ve actually seen him in action, I can’t wait to find out.