This news thrills me in ways I care not mention.

Godzilla is coming back. In a big way. With a big budget production aimed towards blowing our assholes out of our asshole through the back of the theater where some asshole’s about to get hit in the asshole with our asshole.

The Emmerich/Devlin experience was sort of disappointing, if massive understatements are your bag.

Many of the excellent and ambitious [in a totally retro way] Godzilla movies that have come out of Japan over the past two decades have registered barely a blip on our radar.

But it doesn’t change the fact that Godzilla is a permanent icon who cannot be messed with no matter how hard people try to sully his image with bad cartoons, adaptations, comic books, and tattoos. Though there’s a certain ‘cheese acceptance factor’ needed to fully love the big guy, there’s something delightful about knowing we may just be entering a phase where giant monsters onscreen is popular again.

I think Cloverfield [my delightful DVD review] was a punctuation mark on an era of monster movies that had to be either really foreign and/or message driven (The Host), gimmicky in concept (Cloverfield), or steered by massive A-List muscle (King Kong) to exist. Now in a weekend where a 500 foot Kraken [that’s a band name] is about to hit screens it seems we’ve embraced them again and are a time where something demolishing skyscrapers doesn’t immediately cause a 9/11 backlash. Maybe we’re having fun again. I mean, across the board there’s a lot of fun being had. Granted most everything is a rehash, this not excepted, but still.

So Godzilla is coming back hard, and I think it’s a great time for it.

Legendary Pictures has gotten the rights from Toho to produce the film for a 2012 release, a director to be named soon. Since the director isn’t me I don’t really care who it is just so long as they let Godzilla be Godzilla and focus on monster damage rather than human drama. Fuck humans, they’re stupid. We don’t need an hour of origin. We need Godzilla to be unleashed in act one, defeated in act two, and resurrected in act three to fight another giant asshole who’s unleashed in act two while Godzilla’s getting the business handed to him/her.

Variety reports on the matter HERE, and though they didn’t include a link it was nice to see them shout out to Bloody Disgusting.

Also, this is amazing:

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