Shock Till You Drop recently spoke to FX wizard Greg Nicotero, who revealed that his KNB EFX Group will be working on Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead.

If you’re unaware of who KNB EFX are, you probably haven’t seen too many movies in your life. Just take a minor glance at their filmography and be amazed at how many of your favorite movies they’ve worked on, from low budget horror flicks to mainstream summer blockbusters. They of course last worked with Darabont on The Mist, where their work was unfortunately overshadowed by some iffy CGI work (which thankfully was a billion times more effective in the definitive Black and White version of the film).

KNB has also just wrapped production on Predators, and of course are no strangers to zombie films, having done the effects for Romero’s last two films. Strangely enough, this is the second project titled The Walking Dead that
they’re worked on, the first being the 1995 Vietnam flick.

Will AMC allow KNB to go as bloody as we’d all like? We shall see…