the last couple of years studios have been eschewing full length
advance screenings of films for folks like me and have instead favored
extensive footage presentations. Basically the way it works is that I go
to a theater and the studio shows me 30 or so minutes from their
upcoming feature; it’s usually a couple of chunks of film, and not 30
minutes in a row.

I’m not a fan of that method, and I’ve
skipped some footage presentations because I think sitting through so
much of the film really ruins the final experience. I get why the studio
wants to show me the best parts and get me psyched, but they’re
shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to the final viewing of
the film.

what about Disney’s bold new plan for Toy Story 3 – show it two months early near
college campuses (to students only), but only screen the first 65
minutes? It’s called the “Cliffhanger Edition” of the film, and it’s
what they’re doing over the next two months. If you’re a college student
you should click
here and see if the movie – or the first two acts, anyway – is playing
near you.

question you must answer, though, is whether or not this is worth it to
you. Will sitting through that first 65 minutes a second time two
months later when the movie is finally released impact your enjoyment of
the film as a whole? Is it better to go in fresh and just enjoy Toy Story 3
beginning to end as it was meant to be seen?

Your call.

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