Back in the day (a year or so ago) when rumors about Maleficent first surfaced, along with Tim Burton, Angelina Jolie was a name often mentioned. This week, piece by piece, the old rumors have returned with Disney officially hiring a screenwriter, Tim Burton’s apparent interest bandied about, and now Jolie’s continuing desire to take on the lead role confirmed.

While obvious, Jolie taking on Maleficent in a (presumably) Wicked-style approach to the anti-heroine makes a lot of sense for Disney. The added star-power along with a stronger attraction for the male demographic are bound to be enticing for the studio- it’s no wonder her name has been so long associated with the property. I’m willing to bet that if Jolie actually wants the role, she gets it.

Frankly, I’m all over the idea of a Maleficent film, but the talent involved (Jolie aside- I could handle her) makes me go a big rubbery one. Woolverton demonstrated some of the laziest, most boring tendencies when it came to fantasy writing for Alice In Wonderland, and Maleficent has strong potential I’d prefer to see actually explored. Even if the writer were so inclined, it would be tough to keep some of the character’s darker elements in play in today’s climate, but I don’t expect anything but rote whitewashing from the chosen scribe.

If Burton does end up directing this, my interest will flat-line immediately. The trick up Maleficent’s sleeve is her predilection for becoming dragon, and the trick up Burton’s sleeve is his predilection for making dragon-based film climaxes boring as fuck.

Also, Angelina has much more interesting shit she could do.

Check out the full LA Times piece here.

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