The CHUD Show has become a regular part of the CHUD experience for many visitors, as it should be – weird, random and always funny, Nick, Steve and Justin have a very unique thing happening. I’m not trying to do the same thing they are, and it would be foolish to try and keep up with their puns and lightning fast jokes. Instead, I’m trying to carve out my own little corner of the podcast universe, and I’m doing it with my friend Todd Gilchrist, who writes for sites like Cinematical and Hollywood News.

Todd and I got together today to have a couple of beers and then record a pilot episode of our podcast; this is a rough version of what we hope to do, recorded on a digital recorder without mics in my kitchen. We’ve been talking about recording this for some time now, but it never happened; finally I decided to say screw good recording equipment, let’s just talk around a table. Hopefully future episodes will be more polished, and won’t be in two halves – my battery acted up! – but this pilot episode of The Other CHUD Show was just intended to see if Todd and I could sit at a table and talk and not be too boring. I’ll leave the final decision up to you, but I think this is okay for a first effort.

We plan on doing another recording next week at WonderCon, and maybe in the time between now and then you guys could come up with some ideas for show names – I’m stumped at the moment. Future shows will be on iTunes, and future shows may even be live on BlogRadio, giving you a chance to call in, but this pilot episode is just for us right now.

Your feedback and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

And here’s part 2:

If you don’t want to listen on the web, here are the links to the files:

Part 1

Part 2