I don’t quite have the…opinion of Kevin Smith as some of the more notable gentlemen on the site.  But needless to say, I had zero, and I mean zero interest in seeing Cop Out.  The movie review merely confirmed what I already suspected: that the film was going to be stir fried ass.  The kind of stir fry that went bad even before you left in it in the fridge for six or seven months.  The film has been reviled, even though it did make its money back plus a little pocket change at the box office. 

So it’s a little surprising that one of the first things Tracy Morgan jumps back into is another cop movie.  This time, however, the film, titled Son of No One, is on the serious side.  Joining Morgan is Juliette Binoche, and the previously-cast Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, and Katie Holmes.  In the film, Tatum plays a young cop
assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he
grew up, with an old secret surfacing and threatening to destroy
his life and family.

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