Wow. It’s no joke that when you walk the walk you talk things can end rough (or early). Urban Explorer/Photographer Downfallen died recently and I wanted to commemorate his work by posting about him here.

I don’t know too much about Downfallen. A couple years ago I started snooping around what is commonly referred to as the Urban Exploration scene and once you get in there you start to hear the exaltations about Downfallen and his knack for A) getting into the most hard-to-enter, spectacular and sometimes dangerous spaces and B) capturing these places with amazing (and I do mean A-MAZING) photographs.

Now Downfallen has died and the world is suddenly far less exciting.

Apparently Downfallen was killed while base-jumping in Switzerland. From what I’ve read of the reactions of the people who knew him this is not so much a surprise as instead a tragedy. I’m not going to prattle on too much here; I didn’t know the man and have only appreciated his Art and persona from afar. Instead my goal is to ask those reading to watch the piece below, maybe follow a few links and let a little bit of the reality of the Amazing into their lives for a while, even if only long enough to gasp in awe a few times and raise a glass to a fallen free-spirit.

I leave with a quote I found from Downfallen.

“I choose to live my life to a different tune of music, one which
is not censored or wrapped up so much with a blanket of over
regulation, Health and Safety gone mad (because these days it has),
fear and blind compliance to anything you are told to do.. a blanket so
thick, that you no longer can hear the music. If I’m injured, you’ll
hear me blaming only one person.. myself. It’s acceptance of personal
responsibility for my actions… a quality that’s very much lacking in
society these days.”

So well said it’s amazing. In your release Downfallen may you wander far and wide, exploring infintely stranger new worlds than you had to explore here…



* The quote is from here:

For some places to start with Urban Exploration: