No surprise really that the Earth Day DVD release for Avatar isn’t the only one that’s planned, especially considering that A) that release will be bare bones, B) that the film is reportedly getting a re-release with extra footage this summer and C) DVD double dips are all but mandatory these days.  Recently, James Cameron revealed some of the goodies he’s planning for the “real” release for the film, which will be sometime in the fall.  Among them:

- Cameron said the
boxed set will include innovations in the way it presents some of
the material that was cut during editing — not to mention the
typical extras like making-of and behind-the-scenes pieces that
show how the biggest blockbuster of all time was put
together.  “You’ll be going on a journey into a whole different version,”
Cameron said Tuesday during a media junket tied to the April 22

- Cameron said
the Blu-ray set
has allowed him to create a “branching
experience” that will offer viewers the original version; one with
six minutes of finished footage added; or a much longer version,
with some of the new scenes not fully realized but

- “And you’re also going to be able to look at a scene and see the
same scene with just the reference camera for the capture. Every
scene may be what you saw in the final film, but it’s just people
in black leotards.”

- He said there will be picture-in-picture technology that will allow
the viewer to see, among other things, actress Zoe Saldana on the
stage and her character in the movie as realized through CGI and
animation. “That’s when you really get what the process is,”
Cameron said, “because you can talk about it for hours, or you can
watch one scene in a picture-in-picture display and you will get

- Those who buy the Blu-ray disc will get a code that will allow them
to register online and gain exclusive access to bonus materials,
special content and more.  Those who register also will be able to adopt one of a million
trees being planted as part of the Earth Day promotion.

- Finally, Cameron said a 3D version of the DVD might follow next year,
depending on how the market for those TV sets develops.

There’s more, but I was already hooked with that whole tree thing. 


Plant a new Home Tree on Pandora for Earth Day on the message boards.